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January 23, 2007


Shanghai Sam

Sex appeal is really important. My teacher isnt a stunner but she is sweet and I do enjoy flirting with her in class. It adds an element of motivation to the sometimes grey tiring excercise.

Now I read your post Its really made me think. I dont know what i would do with an ugly teacher, or even worse a MALE teacher. Ugh.

Looks like the Koreans have the right idea.


After having the privilege of working with some Koreans, hearing this type of story is not surprising. It's like being surprised by a taxi driver almost killing a pedestrian in China. It's old news, you get used to it.

Agree with you on the flirting, most of the girls, not just teachers enjoy the attention. I'm not always 100% convinced they realize you're having fun with them, but they do like it...

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